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Temple Sport and Spine Chiropractic LLC provides a variety of health and wellness services to residents of Temple and Belton, Texas. We've treated patients dealing with severe back and neck pain, arthritis, muscle tension and other chronic ailments. No matter how intense your pain may be, we'll develop a treatment program to help you achieve your wellness goals. 


Anyone can. Temple Sport and Spine Chiropractic can assist any person of any age. We treat:

  • Senior citizens
  • Those recovering from sports injuries, auto accidents or surgery
  • People who want to maintain their health and wellness in Temple or Belton, TX

Whatever the reason for your visit, we'll discuss your needs and plan ways to improve your overall health. 


Temple Sport and Spine Chiropractic has been providing our patients in Temple and Belton, Texas with wellness care and injury treatment therapy services since 2015. We care about each of our clients, and we want you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle, too. Our team will do everything within our power to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

Call 254-598-1155 now to schedule a consultation with a caring chiropractor in Belton, Texas.

Dr. Bill Wallar
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6001 State Highway 317 Unit A
Belton, TX 76513 5465

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  • Dr.
    Bill Wallar

    Dr. Bill Wallar started his professional career as a middle school history teacher and coach in the Killeen Independent School District. Much like most of the general public, Bill knew nothing about the benefits of chiropractic care other than he knew where to go if he got into a car accident.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    My daughter and I TRULY enjoy this place. You get the personal one on one attention you need to find the source of your pain and ailments. We get the help we need to begin our journey in healing! Great professional staff and atmosphere! We don't feel like we are in a doctor's office. We feel like we are around people who truly care about us, how we feel and how they can help. That feeling is very hard to find! Thank you ALL! All of YOU are just AWESOME!!!!

    ROBYN H.

    Dr. Wallar is a great chiropractor who cares about his patients. Temple is lucky to have a doctor like him!


    Great Doctor...highly recommend!

    LISA B.

    I'm a 69 y.o. male who recently had been suffering an acute pain in my right knee. I had seen Dr Waller in the past and had experienced very positive results from his treatments, so I decided to return to him to treat this malady. After approximately five treatment visits, the pain in my right knee has virtually disappeared. Before approaching this treatment mode, I had been considering surgery. Clearly Dr Waller's treatment methodology and exercise I've been recommended has successfully treated

    ARNIE W.

    Dr. Waller is great! Spinal decompression made my back feel so much better. He is very thorough and cares about you getting better and staying better.


    Professional and personable staff makes a painful experience more bearable. Helpful information makes getting better easy.

    SHAWN P.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Wallar at Temple Sport and Spine! I was suffering (for the first time in my life) from debilitating headaches. I went to 3 medical doctors, had a stay in the ER, a spinal tap, CT scans, took medicines and nothing was helping. For 8 days straight things got increasingly worse. I couldn't drive, play with my baby, sit up to eat, etc. On day 8 my husband decided to try chiropractic care. He drove me to Dr. Wallar, who went out of his way to help us. After my 1st session


    Dr. Waller and his wife Karen are amazing! A week ago I could barely move from the pain in my neck and shoulder due to a bulging disc. I couldn't dress myself or shower and it hurt to even blow my nose. Well with their amazing help I am almost back to normal, I even vacuumed today, Which I am now paying the price for. This team truly cares for you as a patient! Dr. Waller even came to the office on the weekend because I was in so much pain and then texted me later that day to see how I was feeli


    Fantastic services! They truly care about the well being and comfort of the patient. Comfortable office and friendly staff. I am thrilled to have found Dr. Wallar and team. I went to Dr. Wallar with low back pain and he was able to get me an appointment same day and on the road to healing. After just a few visits I am pain free most of the time. Even better, he taught me several stretches to help relieve the pain and improve mobility when I do get pain. Glad to be a patient here.


    I have suffered with chronic back and neck pain, as well as severe spells of virtigo. Dr. Wallar has helped so much! I have my range of motion back, less headaches and less virtigo spells! My back hasn't felt this good in YEARS!! The staff is friendly, helpful, and they make you feel comfortable!!! Love this place and I look forward to each visit!! If you are looking for a chiropractor this is your place!!! Thank you Dr. Wallar for helping me feel GREAT again!!


    I've been to multiple chiropractors around town, and none are as thorough and helpful as Dr. Wallar! I love that he has taught me what's going on as I visit and gives me ways to strengthen myself to aide the adjustments. He works to correct the problem long term, not just offer temporary relief. Won't be going anywhere else!

    MEGAN R.

    I will only see Dr. Wallar! He has the best service around and he ALWAYS makes sure I am feeling better when I leave than before I came in!


    I want to share my "pain relieving" experience I received from Dr. Waller. When I first went to Dr. Waller's clinic my lower back was in extreme pain "pain rating of 8-10", and with me being employed as a first responder I was looking for quick lasting relief. Well in just 7 visits with Dr. Waller's knowledge of Chiropractic care, I can honestly say that I'm pain free and back to my active self. On a side note I would like mention that having an open mind to Chiropractic care would be of great v

    CJ G.

    My significant other has suffered from back pain for almost 20 years. We have tried many over-the-counter and at-home treatments, all to no avail. I finally convinced him to see a chiropractor, and we made an appointment with Dr. Waller. My boyfriend was so impressed with how much better he felt after getting an adjustment that he is taking the initiative to keep up with treatments. He says even the exercises Dr. Waller recommended have been helping him. I've never known him to be pain free and


    Dr. Waller took such great care of me while I was a patient of his. I suffered from low back pain due to working in healthcare and with regular treatments my back pain was tremendously reduced! I definitely recommend his services for anyone! Mindy, his receptionist, is also very pleasant and great! She would send me appointment reminders and check in with me regularly. They both definitely made me feel like part of the temple sport and spine family. I highly suggest this place for all your chiro


    This is my first experience going to a chiropractor and am 100% satisfied. The staff is helpful and Dr. Wallar is very thorough. I definitely see overall improvement in my back and flexibility.


    Having been to several chiropractors in several different states in the span of 20 years, Dr. Wallar is the best I have seen! He listens and takes a whole-body approach in trying to correct what may be wrong. I've had a persistent 20-year pain in my neck that NO chiropractor could fix. Through his above and beyond efforts, my stiffness is all but gone and I have not had a serious headache in a month and a half. I would recommend Dr. Wallar to anyone! Dr. Wallar's front-end staff is amazing as we

    RYAN E.

    Wonderful doctor he has made it where I no longer have to go to the pain clinic and receive shots in my spine. Dr. Waller and his assistant Mandy are so informative and helpful. Look no further you have found the best!!!

    TORI U.

    I always had pains throughout my hips and legs. As a runner, this was a hindrance to my training. Temple Sport and Spine has me running pain and injury free. These guys kick butt!!!!!

    KEVIN P.

    A good friend of mine made me an appointment with this guy [ Bill ]. When I met him he told me he thought he could have me pretty much pain free in a 20 visit plan. For years I have been suffering with chronic back pain for 40 years or so. The last ten years it has gotten much worst. I have seen a couple of chiropractors before with little short term help. Well in about 7 visits my back pain is about 70 % better. No more pains shooting down my legs keeping me up all night or making me get up and

    AMOS V.

    I followed Dr. Waller from Killeen. Why? Because I tried a number of others and got no relief, Dr. Waller not only gives you the best but he also educates you as well. He explains a wide range of things that will help. When I first started I had bad headaches and neck pain. Now unless I do something stupid I am pain free. I stay on a schedule to maintain this. He has the best equipment . So if you are seeking someone don't wait. Call him. I keep his cards with so I can give them out whenever som


    Great experience here! I absolutely recommend Bill! I could barely stand up straight without a back spasm and he straightened me right out and showed me how to strengthen my back.

    KATE L.

    His staff is always cheerful and friendly. A dedicated professional for all his patients. Gives relief to pain and corrects the issue.

    SEAH W.

    Amazing chiropractor!

    ADEN H.

    I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years and though they have all helped, I have never had one that provides the lasting results I get from Doctor Waller at Temple Sport and Spine. If you are looking for a Chiropractor, this is the place.


    I walked in a couple of months ago with severe lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Wallar treated me and today I have no more back pain. My neck and shoulder problems are getting much better. Dr. Wallar has taught me various exercises to perform in order to prevent these problems from returning. I highly recommend Temple Sport and Spine for all your chiropractic needs. They truly care about your health and welfare.

    LARRY W.

    1 day later and no knee pain with contraction of my quads! Great experience with Dr. Wallar and staff. Very caring and knowledgeable about needed care! I will definitely be returning! Thanks for helping me feel better!

    CORA H.

    Dr. Waller is a knowledgeable and caring person. His extensive knowledge of caring for sports injuries is paramount. Whether you're an amateur or professional athlete, Dr. Waller is an excellent resource for all your healthcare needs.

    KYLE B.


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